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68-232-4 Comp Cam

Looking for a wild card? Don't look anywhere than the xtreme 4 Cam series! These wild card offer amazing performance for the price point you can afford it, plus, the 4 x 4 moniker refers to the 4-wheeled configuration's ability to handle 000 pounds of force. That's strong enough to power anything you offer! The k68-232-4 are designed with your for brothers in mind, they're all 4-wheel drive systems, so you can trust that they'll handle your heavy force. Plus, the k68-232-4's are designed with an open face cowling in the form of the in tribute to the wasp-inspired engine design of the original e-inity camaro.

Cheap 68-232-4 Comp Cam

The k68-232-4 camshaft is an 4-valve, 8-intra-face, all-aluminum camshaft that is designed to keep your engine performance stone-cold, it renders a black anodized aluminum frame and helical mouth guards to keep your hands from going cold. Plus, it imparts a cold-start port and an over-the-hole jig to help get your camshaft back in position, the k68-232-4 camshaft is an 4 x4 Cam that is designed to provide superior engine performance. It provides a strong, wide open-faced design that is puissant for each type of fuel economy target, additionally, it provides a durable, long-lasting design that will last for years. The k68-232-4 Cam model is a first rate substitute for folks wanting for an extreme4 cam, it features an 4 x4 design that provides fantastic performance and life in the engine. It is a full-time Cam and provides sterling performance through out the engine, it provides a first rate sound as well, making it a first-class alternative for or sound reinforcement. The k68-232-4 camshafts are designed with the engine in 4 th through 6 th position in an attempt to improve power and cycling time, they are made of durable materials and have a red color to them to match the k68 engine. The camshafts are made of metal and have a hard case to keep them from rust.