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Hi Point C9 Comp

Hi Point C9 magazine is a top-of-the-line place to start with our 380 pistols, we offer 9 mm luger pistols with capabilities in black our magazines provide you with 9 rounds with standard 3 x20 this makes them first-rate for everyday carry or use as a backup magazine.

Hi Point C9 Comp Amazon

Hi-point is a sterling place to go when you need an easily accessible, high quality, and affordable pistol, they offer a variety of 380 pistols, as well as 10 rounds steel black hi-point is the industry's most respected C9 pistol ammo manufacturer. Their 380 ammo is quality product and features a black cartridge, this in-house made ammo is enticing for your pistol (380 or rifle (380 and 10 rounds steel black hi-point 380 ammo is incompatible with any other brand or ammo in the market. Be sure to stock up on hi-point 380 ammo while you can! This hi-point mag is an 380 mag that comes with a black c cartridge, it is excellent for a quick gun ride or for use with a gun for at-home protection. This mag renders hi-point's unique "point" system which allows you to set and adjust the Point of aim with no movement of the hand, this mag also provides a learning system that helps you to better understand your shooting. The hi-point firearms owners manual is a comprehensive guide to shoot a pistol or rifle, it covers everything from getting the hang of how to adopt a gun without ever having to adopt one first, to tips for avoiding dangerous actions on the shooting range. This manual also includes tips for everyday life tasks, such as cooking and il applicable to anyone from the young age of 18 all the substitute to middle age.